Winterport, Maine

Winterport Ferry Co. ticket for travel between Winterport and Bucksport in the 1920s
Steamboat Cambridge at the landing

Town in Waldo County, Maine, United States.

- Winterport, Maine

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Penobscot River

109 mi river in the U.S. state of Maine.

Panorama of the Penobscot River in Millinocket, Maine
Bucksport Harbor, about 1905
View near Winterport about 1906
The Penobscot at Bangor, Maine
Penobscot Narrows and Fort Knox in 2007
The river viewed from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory as it empties in Penobscot Bay (2013)

The cities of Rockland, Belfast, Brewer and Bangor, and the towns of Rockport, Camden, Northport, Searsport, Stockton Springs, Castine, Bucksport, Frankfort, Winterport, Orrington, and Hampden developed adjacent to the Penobscot River estuary.

Waldo County, Maine

County in the state of Maine, in the United States.

A highway sign designating the border between Nicholas and Greenbrier counties in West Virginia along a secondary road


Hampden, Maine

Town on the Penobscot River estuary in Penobscot County, Maine, United States.

Sterns' sawmill c. 1908

It is bordered by the towns of Winterport to the south, Newburgh to the west, Hermon to the north, Bangor to the northeast, and (separated by the Penobscot River) Brewer to the northeast and Orrington to the east.

Frankfort, Maine

Town on the Penobscot River estuary in Waldo County, Maine, United States.

Today's Frankfort is just a small portion of the original town, which contained the present-day towns of Frankfort, Winterport, Stockton Springs, and Prospect.

U.S. Route 1A

For the seaplane see: Shin Meiwa US-1A

Route 1A enters Bangor from the southwest by following the west bank of the Penobscot River through the towns of Winterport and Hampden.

Mike Bordick

American retired professional baseball shortstop.

Bordick in 2011

Mike Bordick was born in Michigan and spent parts of his early childhood in Maine and in upstate New York before the family settled in Winterport, Maine, while he was in high school.

Bucksport, Maine

Historic town in Hancock County, Maine, United States.

Bucksport from the top of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge
Bucksport Harbor in 1905
E. M. C. Seminary {{circa|1907}}
Buck Mem. Library {{circa|1908}}
Bucksport Bank {{circa|1910}}

It borders the towns of Orrington and Holden to the north, Dedham and Orland to the east, and (separated by the Penobscot River) Verona to the south, and Prospect, Frankfort and Winterport to the west.

Frederick Low

American politician and diplomat who served as the 9th Governor of California and a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Born in Frankfort (now Winterport, Maine) in 1828, Low attended the Hampden Academy in Hampden, Maine.

Maine State Route 139

Australian State Route 3 marker

State Route 139 (SR 139) is a 59 mi state highway traveling from U.S. Route 2 (US 2) and US 201 in Norridgewock at its western terminus to US 1A in Winterport at its eastern terminus.

Monroe, Maine

Town in Waldo County, Maine, United States named for President James Monroe.

It is bordered on the north by Newburgh, on the east by Winterport and Frankfort, one the south by Swanville, on the southwest by Brooks, on the west by Jackson and on the northwest by Dixmont.