Wong Chuk Hang Road

Junction of Ocean Park and Wong Chuk Hang Roads in September 2007.

Major thoroughfare in Hong Kong Island.

- Wong Chuk Hang Road

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Aberdeen Tunnel

Two-tube tunnel linking Happy Valley and Wong Chuk Hang near Aberdeen on the Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

Inside of northbound bore
Aberdeen Tunnel, Happy Valley entrance
Toll plaza

It connects the Wong Chuk Hang Road and Canal Road Flyover in the Hong Kong Island.

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Area on southwest Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong.

The entrance of the Aberdeen Square in Aberdeen Centre
Aberdeen Municipal Services Building
Jumbo Floating Restaurant
People queuing up in front of Tse Kee Restaurant
Restaurants in Aberdeen Centre
Lau Kee traditional boat noodles
Dragon boat race in Aberdeen Harbour
The view of Sampan Pier near Aberdeen Harbour
Aberdeen Promenade
Grantham Hospital
"Aberdeen Promenade, Aberdeen Praya Road" Bus Stop
Aberdeen Sports Ground
Viewing Deck of Aberdeen Promenade
Aberdeen Reservoirs

The L'hotel Island South, at 55 Wong Chuk Hang Road, is located near the popular Ocean Park.

Route 1 (Hong Kong)

Major artery in Hong Kong that runs in a generally north-south direction, connecting Aberdeen with Sha Tin.

Cross-Harbour Tunnel

The route begins in the south at Aberdeen Praya Road which continues as Wong Chuk Hang Road until reaching the Aberdeen Tunnel.

Shouson Hill

Hill on the coast of Deep Water Bay east of Wong Chuk Hang, in Southern District, on Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong.

North of the hill is an affluent residential area, which consists primarily of Shouson Hill Road, a loop off the main Wong Chuk Hang Road, together with a few side roads.

List of streets and roads in Hong Kong

The following are incomplete lists of notable expressways, tunnels, bridges, roads, avenues, streets, crescents, squares and bazaars in Hong Kong.

The interchange between US 131, M-6 and 68th Street in Cutlerville, Michigan, United States, shows many of the features of controlled-access highways: entry and exit ramps, median strips for opposing traffic, no at-grade intersections and no direct access to properties.

Wong Chuk Hang Road

Aberdeen Sports Ground

Aberdeen Sports Ground viewed from Bennet's Hill

Aberdeen Sports Ground is a rugby union and football sports ground situated at 108 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

Ocean Park station

MTR rapid transit station in Hong Kong on the eastern section of the South Island line, which serves Ocean Park Hong Kong and Wong Chuk Hang.

C: Wong Chuk Hang Road, to Shouson Hill (1 lift)

Wong Chuk Hang station

Elevated MTR rapid transit station in Hong Kong on the eastern section of the South Island line, built on the Staunton Creek Nullah and off the old site of Wong Chuk Hang Estate in Staunton Creek .

The footbridge across Wong Chuk Hang Road and Heung Yip Road, connecting the B-prefixed exits, opened on 3 April 2016.