XXVI Fighter Command

26th Interceptor (later, 26th Fighter, XXVI Fighter) Command26th Interceptor Command (later XXVI Interceptor Command, XXVI Fighter Command)XXVI Interceptor Command
The XXVI Fighter Command is an inactive United States Air Force unit.wikipedia
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United States Air Forces Southern Command

Sixth Air ForceCaribbean Air CommandCaribbean Air Force
It was assigned to Sixth Air Force throughout its existence.

1st Special Operations Wing

1st Air Commando Group1st Air Commando Wing16th Pursuit Group
The Command and Control responsibilities of the surviving former Squadrons of the Group then came under the umbrella of the XXVI Fighter Command.

24th Fighter Squadron

24th Pursuit Squadron24th24 Aero (later, 24 Pursuit)
In addition, between November 1942 and 11 January 1943, the Squadron also had a solitary Douglas P-70 night fighter, which it maintained and operated on behalf of the XXVI Fighter Command at Albrook.

29th Training Systems Squadron

29th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron29th Fighter Squadron29th Pursuit Squadron
Effective 1 November 1943, with the dissolution of the 16th Fighter Group, the squadron was subordinated directly to the XXVI Fighter Command.

28th Test and Evaluation Squadron

28th Fighter Squadron28th Pursuit Squadron28th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
In November 1943, the Squadron was assigned directly to XXVI Fighter Command, and by December, the unit had been re-equipped with Bell P-39Q Airacobras.

30th Fighter-Bomber Squadron

30th Fighter Squadron30th Pursuit Squadron30th Pursuit (later Fighter) Squadron
With the dissolution of its parent 37th Fighter Group, the Squadron was assigned directly to the XXVI Fighter Command from 1 November 1943.

51st Fighter Squadron

51st Pursuit Squadron51st
In November, its parent 32d Fighter Group was disbanded and the squadron was assigned directly to the XXVI Fighter Command.

United States Air Force

U.S. Air ForceAir ForceUSAF
The XXVI Fighter Command is an inactive United States Air Force unit.

Panama Canal Zone

Canal ZonePanama Canal CompanyPanama Canal Commission
It was based at Albrook Field, Canal Zone.

32nd Air Operations Squadron

32d Fighter Squadron32d Tactical Fighter Squadron32d Fighter-Day Squadron
However, despite the assignment to Antilles Air Command, a detachment of the Squadron was noted at Howard Field in the Panama Canal Zone detached to XXVI Fighter Command.

Calzada Larga Airport

Calzada Larga Army AirfieldCasa Larga Airfield
The USAAF XXVI Fighter Command 29th Fighter Squadron used the airfield from 17 May 1942 – 25 March 1944, flying A-24 Dauntless dive bombers.

Madden Army Airfield

Madden Field
The 24th Fighter Squadron (XXVI Fighter Command) was assigned to the station from 8 March to 15 August 1944 flying P-39 Airacobras.

Poncri Auxiliary Aerodrome

Pocri Army AirfieldPocri Field
Known as Pocri Airfield, the XXVI Fighter Command 28th Fighter Squadron flew P-39 Airacobras from the airfield from 22 February – 2 August 1944.

Adlai H. Gilkeson

During the War, he was a Commanding General of the XXVI Interceptor Command from March 1942 and on October 1942 became Commanding General of the III Fighter Command.