Screenshot of homepage on 14 November 2021
Screenshot of homepage on 14 November 2021
From left to right: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, the founders of YouTube
The YouTube logo was used from its launch until 2007, it returned in 2008 and got removed again in 2010. Another version of this logo without their "Broadcast Yourself" slogan was used until 2011.
YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California
YouTube logo from 2015 until 2017
Logo of YouTube Go
Jordan Hoffner at the 68th Annual Peabody Awards accepting for YouTube
Leading YouTube content creators met at the White House with U.S. President Obama to discuss how government could better connect with the "YouTube generation."
Forbes has reported the total annual earnings of the top ten YouTuber accounts, and the income of the single highest-earning account.

American online video sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California.

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Jawed Karim

American software engineer and Internet entrepreneur of Bangladeshi and German descent.

Karim in August 2008
Karim in September 2004

He is a co-founder of YouTube and the first person to upload a video to the site.


PewDiePie, who currently has the 4th-most-subscribed channel on the platform, is the most-subscribed independent YouTuber.
Forbes has reported the total annual earnings of the top ten YouTuber accounts, and the income of the single highest-earning account.

A YouTube personality and/or influencer, more commonly known as a YouTuber, is an individual who produces videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube, specifically whose main or only platforms are one or multiple YouTube channels, personalized subpages of the platform.

Social media

Social media are interactive digital channels that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.

Social media app icons on a smartphone
SixDegrees, launched in 1997, is often regarded as the first social media site.

Depending on interpretation, other popular platforms that are sometimes referred to as social media services include YouTube, QQ, Quora, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, LINE, Snapchat, Pinterest, Viber, Reddit, Discord, VK, Microsoft Teams, and more.


Form of blog for which the medium is video.

A YouTube vlog title card
A Twitch streamer broadcasting live

Vlog category is popular on the video-sharing platform YouTube.


Streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time over the internet.

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan wearing a lifecasting setup

Non-live media such as video-on-demand, vlogs, and YouTube videos are technically streamed, but not live-streamed.

Steve Chen

Chen in June 2007
Chen (middle) with YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley at the 2007 All Things Digital conference

Steven Shih Chen (born August 25, 1978) is a Taiwanese-American Internet entrepreneur who is one of the co-founders and previous chief technology officer of the video-sharing website YouTube.

Documentary film

Non-fictional motion-picture intended to "document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education or maintaining a historical record".

A 16 mm spring-wound Bolex "H16" Reflex camera—a popular entry-level camera used in film schools
The cover of Bolesław Matuszewski's 1898 book Une nouvelle source de l'histoire. (A New Source of History), the first publication about documentary function of cinematography.
Frame from one of Gheorghe Marinescu's science films (1899).
Geoffrey Malins with an aeroscope camera during World War I.
Nanook of the North poster.
In this shot from Walter Ruttmann's Berlin, Symphony of a Great City (1927), cyclists race indoors. The film is shot and edited like a visual-poem.
In this shot from Man with a Movie Camera, Mikhail Kaufman acts as a cameraman risking his life in search of the best shot
Conference of "World Union of documentary films" in 1948 Warsaw featured famous directors of the era: Basil Wright (on the left), Elmar Klos, Joris Ivens (2nd from the right), and Jerzy Toeplitz.
Lennart Meri (1929–2006), the second President of the Republic of Estonia, directed documentaries several years before his presidency. His film The Winds of the Milky Way won a silver medal at the New York Film Festival in 1977.
film team at Port of Dar es Salaam with two ferries

Social-media platforms (such as YouTube) have provided an avenue for the growth of the documentary-film genre.

Chad Hurley

Hurley at the World Economic Forum 2009
Hurley in 2007

Chad Meredith Hurley (born January 24, 1977) is an American webmaster and businessman who serves as the advisor and former chief executive officer (CEO) of YouTube.


American multinational technology company that focuses on artificial intelligence, search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics.

Then-CEO, and former Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt with cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page (left to right) in 2008
Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2003
Google's original homepage had a simple design because the company founders had little experience in HTML, the markup language used for designing web pages.
Google's first production server
Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011
Entrance of building where Google and its subsidiary Deep Mind are located at 6 Pancras Square, London
Current Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, with Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi
Google on ad-tech London, 2010
Google's logo from 2013 to 2015
Google employees marching in the Pride in London parade in 2016
Google's New York City office building houses its largest advertising sales team.
Google's Toronto office
Google's Dublin Ireland office, headquarters of Google Ads for Europe
San Francisco activists protest privately owned shuttle buses that transport workers for tech companies such as Google from their homes in San Francisco and Oakland to corporate campuses in Silicon Valley.
The European Commission, which imposed three fines on Google in 2017, 2018, and 2019

These products address a wide range of use cases, including email (Gmail), navigation (Maps), cloud computing (Cloud), web browsing (Chrome), video sharing (YouTube), productivity (Workspace), operating systems (Android), cloud storage (Drive), language translation (Translate), photo storage (Photo), video calling (Meet), smart home (Nest), smartphones (Pixel), wearable technology (Fitbit), gaming (Stadia), music streaming (YouTube Music), video on demand (TV), artificial intelligence (Assistant), machine learning APIs (TensorFlow), AI chips (TPU), and more.

Google Search

Search engine provided by Google.

Google Search homepage as of March 2020
Google Search homepage as of March 2020
A definition link is provided for many search terms.
A screenshot of the Google Videos homepage in 2016.
A screenshot of the Google Videos homepage in 2016.
A screenshot of suggestions by Google Search when "wikip" is typed
Product Sans, Google's typeface since 2015
A screenshot of the error of January 31, 2009.

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