Yuwen Shu

Yuwen Shu (宇文述; died 616), courtesy name Botong, formally Duke Gong of Xu, was an official and general of the Chinese dynasty Sui Dynasty.wikipedia
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Yuwen Zhiji

He was the son of Yuwen Shu, the Duke of Xu.

Military history of the Sui–Tang dynasties

One of the army commanders, Yuwen Shu, suggested that they retreat, but Yu Zhongsheng, who was in overall command refused.

Li Mi (Sui dynasty)

Li MiLee MatLee Mil
One day, however, when Emperor Yang saw him, Emperor Yang was apprehensive of his appearance, and told his associate Yuwen Shu the Duke of Xu to have Li Mi removed.

Yang Gongren

Yang Guan
However, it was said at the time that the matters of civil service were being controlled by Su, Yuwen Shu, Pei Yun, and Pei Ju, and that they were largely corrupt.

Yang Tong

Gong of SuiYangtongYáng Tóng
The general Wei Wensheng, leading the army from the capital Chang'an under Yang You's command, came to Luoyang's aid, and Emperor Yang also abandoned the Goguryeo campaign and sent the generals Yuwen Shu and Lai Hu'er back to the Luoyang region; these Sui generals together defeated Yang Xuangan.

Yu Shiji

Emperor Yang made him, along with Niu Hong, Su Wei, Yuwen Shu, Zhang Jin, Pei Yun, and Pei Ju in charge of selecting and promoting officials, and they were known as the "seven nobles of officialdom."

Yang Hao (Sui dynasty)

Yang HaoYang Hao (prince)
Emperor Yang, then at the front of a campaign against Goguryeo, sent the general Yuwen Shu back to Sui territory to attack Yang Xuangan, and Yuwen and Yang Hao exchanged letters, and they further met and joined forces against Yang Xuangan.

Lai Hu'er

Lai Hu'er decided to draw back from Korea immediately and to encircle Yang Xuangan with some of other Sui generals such as Yuwen Shu.

Battle of Salsu

SalsuBattle of Salsu (Ch'ongch'on) RiverBattle of Salsu River