Public high school located in unincorporated Fort Bend County, Texas and a part of the Needville Independent School District.

- Needville High School

Needville High School, Needville

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Stylosanthes scabra foliage and flowers, Central Queensland
Soil degradation attributing factors, causes, and effects

Creating new soil and rejuvenating soil health by: minimizing the loss of topsoil, retaining more carbon than is depleted, boosting biodiversity, and maintaining proper water and nutrient cycling.

- Soil regeneration

Stylosanthes species have been used for land reclamation, soil stabilization and soil regeneration work because of their drought resistance, ability to restore soil fertility, improve soil physical properties and provide permanent vegetation cover.

- Stylosanthes
Map of predominant national identity in the 2011 census in Northern Ireland. Stronger blue is more British. Stronger green is more Irish.
Dallas with Leeds United in 2018
Dallas playing for Brentford in December 2014
Dallas playing for Northern Ireland in 2019

Northern Irish football manager and retired footballer.

- Stephen Baxter (footballer)

In January 2010, Dallas played in a 4–0 Irish Cup sixth round defeat against Crusaders, with Dallas' performance prompting Crusaders manager Stephen Baxter to talk to Dallas and his father about the possibility of offering him a contract.

- Stuart Dallas
A playlist in an audio player
A human computer, with microscope and calculator, 1952

Computer file format for a multimedia playlist.

- PLS (file format)

PLS – Multimedia playlist, originally developed for use with the museArc

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The Sūryaprajñaptisūtra, an astronomical work written in Jain Prakrit language (in Devanagari book script), c. 1500
The Sūryaprajñaptisūtra, an astronomical work written in Jain Prakrit language (in Devanagari book script), c. 1500

In Indology, it is used as an umbrella term for the dialects forming the transition between the late Middle and the early Modern Indo-Aryan languages, spanning the period between the 6th and 13th centuries CE.

- Apabhraṃśa

The late stage is represented by the Apabhraṃśas of the 6th century AD and later that preceded early Modern Indo-Aryan languages (such as Braj Bhasha).

- Middle Indo-Aryan languages
AP Exam Taken by Subject 2019

Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition (also known as AP English Language, APENG, or AP Lang) is a course and examination offered by the College Board as part of the Advanced Placement Program.

- AP English Language and Composition

In 2017, the most taken AP exam was English Language and Composition with 579,426 students and the least taken AP exam was Japanese Language and Culture with 2,429 students.

- Advanced Placement
Coffee cup spoofing serious proverb.
Cover of the English version of the book
Graphic spoof on "Big fish eat little fish", from Spanish context
T-shirts are common sites for anti-proverbs
An anti-proverb, formed by adding an unexpected cynical phrase to the end, with an apropos cartoon
Anti-proverb used in relation to fishing.

Transformation of a standard proverb for humorous effect.

- Anti-proverb

It is a parody of self-help books, and includes various anti-proverbs, paired with visuals.

- This Book Loves You
Current Segamat railway station before demolition.

Malaysian train station located at and named after the town of Segamat, Segamat District, Johor.

- Segamat railway station

The station is currently mothballed; passengers are advised to access Segamat station instead.

- Batu Anam
Wilson at the 2015 Open de France

Held on June 27–28, 2001 at the Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield, New Jersey.

- 2001 Palmer Cup

Palmer Cup (representing Great Britain & Ireland/Europe): 2001, 2002, 2003 (winners)

- Oliver Wilson
Dartmouth College
Main Building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, it is the oldest Institute of technology in the world, founded in 1782
True Basic example
Research and development centre of Gedeon Richter Plc. in Budapest, one of the largest biotechnology company in Central and Eastern Europe
László Lovász was awarded the Wolf Prize and the Knuth Prize in 1999, and the Kyoto Prize in 2010; he is the current president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Previously he served as the president of International Mathematical Union.
Charles Simonyi, the chief-architect of Microsoft Office. In April 2007, aboard Soyuz TMA-10, he became the fifth space tourist and the second Hungarian in space. In March 2009, aboard Soyuz TMA-14, he made a second trip to the International Space Station.
Leó Szilárd, invented and patented the nuclear reactor, hypothesized the nuclear chain reaction (therefore he was the first who realized the feasibility of an atomic bomb), invented the electron microscope and the first particle accelerator and later invented the cyclotron.
John von Neumann, one of the greatest mathematicians in modern history
Holography was invented by Hungarian Dennis Gabor, a Nobel Laureate in Physics.
Albert Szent-Györgyi a Nobel Laureate in Medicine for discovery of Vitamin C
Rubik's Cube
Railway network of Kingdom of Hungary in the 1910s. Red lines represents the Hungarian State Railways, blue, green and yellow lines were owned by private companies in Hungary
The first Hungarian airplan. December 9, 1909
UFAG Brandenburg C.I aircraft in Albertfalva (Budapest ) in 1916
Hungarian produced Fokker fighter plane
Twin engine heavy bomber, produced by the Hungarian Airplane Factory, joint-stock company (1917).
The Hungarian "ZBD" team invented the first high efficiency, closed core shunt connection transformer and practical parallel-connected distribution circuits.
A stentor reading the day's news in the Telefon Hírmondó studio
The first steam railcar built by Ganz and de Dion-Bouton
thumb|The four-cylinder 2,950 hp (2,200 kW) MÁV Class 601 was the strongest steam locomotive of pre WW1 Europe.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=VINCZE TAMÁS nyugalmazott MÁV igazgató : 100 éves a MÁV 601 sor. mozdonya||access-date=23 January 2018}}</ref><ref>(Béla Czére, Ákos Vaszkó): Nagyvasúti Vontatójármüvek Magyarországon, Közlekedési Můzeum, Közlekedési Dokumentációs Vállalat, Budapest, 1985, {{ISBN|9635521618}}</ref><ref>Wolfgang Lübsen: Die Orientbahn und ihre Lokomotiven. in: Lok-Magazin 57, December 1972, S. 448–452</ref>
Ganz AC electric locomotive prototype (1901 Valtellina, Italy)
Electric locomotive RA 361 (later FS Class E.360) by Ganz for the Valtellina line, 1904
The world's first locomotive with a phase converter was Kandó's V50 locomotive (only for demonstration and testing purposes)
MÁV armoured train during the WW I
Magomobil phoenix car -1906
A Magomobil Phoenix advertisement in 1911
Rába (automobile)
MARTA 35-45 HP Dublu-Phaeton
Magomobil phönix auto -1910
A Magomobil truck in 1914
Marta bus in Arad in 1909
Photograph of a Ganz bus in 1914
Magomobil phoenix Bus
"Titan" petrol engine tractor in 1913. (Produced by the Magyar Motor és Gépgyár)
Jedlik motor 1827
The ZBD Transformer of GANZ Works, 1885
construction of a Ganz water turbo generator (1886)
PSM V56 D0433 direct connected electric railway generator (1899)
Ottó Bláthy in the armature of a turbo generator (1904)
Ganz 21.000 kW Transformer (1911, weight: 38t)
36700 hp steam turbine under construction in the Láng Machine Factory, 1913
Láng turbogenerators in the Salgótarján Colliery Company, 1915
Alternators in a hydroelectric station on the Murghab River.
Generator in Zwevegem, West Flanders, Belgium
A generator assembly hall of the Ganz Works (1922)
The back of {{SMU|U-29|Austria-Hungary|2}} submarine during assembly (24 April 1916)
{{SMU|U-29|Austria-Hungary|2}} submarine of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, built by Ganz-Danubius
The battle-damaged {{SMS|Novara|1913}} after a victorious naval battle
Austro-Hungarian built dreadnought class battleship {{SMS|Szent István}} at Pula (military dock)

Retired Dartmouth professor of mathematics and computer scientist, who along with his colleague John G. Kemeny set in motion the then revolutionary concept of making computers as freely available to college students as library books were, by implementing the concept of time-sharing at Dartmouth College.

- Thomas E. Kurtz

John Kemeny developed the BASIC programming language with Thomas E. Kurtz

- Science and technology in Hungary