Defined as the mass of a sample of that compound divided by the amount of substance in that sample, measured in moles.

- Molar mass

They measured that its molar mass is approximately 3300 g/mol.

- Palytoxin
Woolstenhulme performing with Lifehouse in 2013

American percussionist, and the drummer of rock band Lifehouse.

- Rick Woolstenhulme Jr.

Lifehouse (Bryce Soderberg, Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. and Jason Wade)

- I Love the New Millennium
Woolstenhulme performing with Lifehouse in 2013

Serbian professional footballer who plays as a right-back for Partizan.

- Marko Živković

πŸ‡·πŸ‡Έ Marko Ε½ivkoviΔ‡ (2013–14)

- List of FK Vojvodina players
Napsbury Hospital
The grave in Highgate Cemetery (East)

Opal Whiteley, American nature writer

- Napsbury Hospital

She was committed to Napsbury Hospital, where she was known to the staff of Napsbury as "the Princess", and visitors remarked that she behaved like one.

- Opal Whiteley
Napsbury Hospital
DVD cover

"Something in the Air" by Thunderclap Newman appeared on the soundtracks of several films, such as The Magic Christian (1969), which helped the single reach No. 37 in the United States, and The Strawberry Statement (1970), which prompted a reissue of the single that "bubbled under" the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 120.

- Something in the Air

The sequence concludes with many members of the crowd submerging themselves, in order to retrieve money that had sunk beneath the surface, as the song "Something in the Air" by Thunderclap Newman is heard by the film's audience.

- The Magic Christian (film)
DVD cover
Usgaonkar in March 2015
Usgaonkar with husband Ajay Sharma in 2014

Usgaonkar started her television career in 1988 playing the role of Uttara, wife of Abhimanyu and mother of Parikshit, (the future of the Bharat Dynasty TV serial Mahabharata).

- Varsha Usgaonkar

Varsha Usgaonkar as Uttara, Abhimanyu's wife, Matsya princess, mother of Parikshit

- Mahabharat (1988 TV series)

Scottish organisation of painters.

- Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour

John Bruce Lockhart was an accomplished amateur artist, a member of the Lake Artists Society who exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of Arts, and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.

- John Bruce Lockhart
The former Meeniyan National Bank of Australasia, now located at Old Gippstown in Moe
Map of Local Government Areas in Victoria

Small country town on the South Gippsland Highway between Leongatha and Foster in Australia.

- Meeniyan, Victoria

Agnes (Barry Beach) β€’ Allambee South β€’ Arawata (1891–1957) β€’ Baromi (1886–1892 see Mirboo North) β€’ Bena (R1887-2003 Kilcunda Road) β€’ Bennison (1890–1962 Liverpool, Franklin River) β€’ Berrys Creek (1924–1925 Mount Vernon) β€’ Boolarong (1907–1970 Boolarong South) β€’ Boolarra South (1915–1919) β€’ Boorool β€’ Buffalo (1892– Buffalo Creek) β€’ Delburn (1902–1966 Darlimurla, Morrell's Hill) β€’ Darby River β€’ Dollar (1902–1971 Carmichael) β€’ Dumbalk (1890– Woorayl) β€’ Dumbalk North (1907–1944 Milford Grange, Fidges, Milford) β€’ Fairbank (1888–1930) β€’ Fish Creek (Boys, Hoddle Range, Hoddle, O'Gradys Ridge) β€’ Foster (Stockyard Creek, Cypress Grove, Golden Creek, Henwoods, Corner Inlet, Amery's Track, Amey's Track) β€’ Foster North (1914–1960 Grassy Spur, Tannahills) β€’ Gunyah (1904–1942 Gunyah Gunyah, Gunyah Junction, Olsen's Bridge) β€’ Hallston (1927–1955) β€’ Hazel Park (1922–1959) β€’ Hedley (1892–1994 Hodgkinson) β€’ Inverloch (Andersons Inlet) β€’ Jeetho (1884–1951 Jeetho Valley, Horner) β€’ Jumbunna β€’ Kardella (1892–1977) β€’ Kardella South (1922–1946) β€’ Kongwak (Burndale, Ellerside) β€’ Koonwarra (1890– ) β€’ Koorooman (1887–1939 Kooraman State School, Koorooman East, and see Leongatha) β€’ Korumburra (Glentress) β€’ Korumburra South (1914–1928) β€’ Leongatha β€’ Leongatha North (1906–1950 Wooreen) β€’ Leongatha South (1902–1947) β€’ Mardan (1885–1941 Mardan South, Glen Mona) β€’ Meeniyan β€’ Middle Tarwin (1925–1972) β€’ Mirboo (1879–1971 East Tarwin, Tarwin East, Riverview see Mirboo North) β€’ Mirboo East β€’ Mirboo North (Mirboo Central, Mirboo South, Dickies Hill Junction) β€’ Mount Best (1904–1970 Devils Pinch, Mount Fatigue) β€’ Mount Eccles (1890–1951 Geachville) β€’ Mount Eccles South β€’ Moyarra (1884–1921 Jumbunna East) β€’ Nerrena (1909–1948 Nerrena East) β€’ Nyora (Lang Lang East) β€’ Outtrim (1894–1957 Outtrim South) β€’ Poowong (Abshott) β€’ Poowong East (1886–1916 Cruickston) β€’ Poowong North (1884–1957) β€’ Port Franklin (Bowen) β€’ Port Welshpool (1910–1994) β€’ Pound Creek (1892–1955) β€’ Ranceby β€’ Ruby (1892–1974) β€’ Sandy Point β€’ Stony Creek (Fish Creek North, Rumbug) β€’ Strzelecki (1902–1953 Jensen's, Strezelecki, Strezleckie, Seabrook) β€’ Tarwin (1879–1881 see Mirboo North) β€’ Tarwin Lower (Tarwin Meadows, Lake Tutegong, Liptrap) β€’ Tidal River (1954–1993 Tidal River Camp) β€’ Toora β€’ Toora North (1915–1952 Attercliffe) β€’ Turtons Creek (1904–1966) β€’ Venus Bay β€’ Walkerville (Waratah Bay, Promontory View, Walkerville North) β€’ Walkerville South β€’ Waratah Bay (Waratah North see Walkerville) β€’ Welshpool (1859– Granite Bar) β€’ Whitelaw (1891–1961) β€’ Wild Dog Valley β€’ Wilsons Promontory (1873–1951 Darby) β€’ Wonga (1921–1966 Bonnie Brae, Wonga Wonga) β€’ Woorarra East (1902–1970 Woorarra) β€’ Woorarra West (1904–1947) β€’ Yanakie (Yanakie South, Shallow Inlet)

- List of localities in Victoria
The former Meeniyan National Bank of Australasia, now located at Old Gippstown in Moe
Kelley at PaleyFest 2014 for Lost

He reprised the role of Walt a final time in the Season 6 DVD box set mini-episode "The New Man in Charge".

- Malcolm David Kelley

Also, Malcolm David Kelley reprises his role as Walt Lloyd, who was absent from the entire season 6, excluding archived footage, and was not seen since the seventh episode of season five.

- The New Man in Charge
Kelley at PaleyFest 2014 for Lost
Stephan Prætorius

German Lutheran theologian and pastor.

- Stephan Praetorius

Stephan PrΓ€torius

- List of Protestant Reformers
Stephan Prætorius