Population of Lucas County from US census data
2000 Census Age Pyramid for Lucas County

Washington Township is a township in Lucas County, Iowa, USA.

- Washington Township, Lucas County, Iowa


- Lucas County, Iowa
Population of Lucas County from US census data
Angela Groothuizen (2018–)
Ilse DeLange (2018–)
Marco Borsato (2018–2019)
Gerard Joling (duo, 2018; solo, 2020–)
Gordon Heuckeroth (duo, 2018)
Frans Bauer (2019–)
Martijn Krabbé
Wendy van Dijk (2018)
Lieke van Lexmond (2019–)

Belgian reality singing competition for the Flemish part of Belgium, and which is part of the franchise that started in the Netherlands as The Voice of Holland.

- The Voice Senior (Belgian TV series)

vtm — The Flemish part of Belgium have announced their version of The Voice Senior with Walter Grootaers, Dana Winner, Natalia Druyts and Helmut Lotti as coaches.

- The Voice Senior (Dutch TV series)
Angela Groothuizen (2018–)
The logo for Zero Punctuation, featuring Yahtzee's cartoon avatar
A screenshot of an outdoor scene in The Witcher displaying additional lighting effects
Typical Zero Punctuation imagery, describing Croshaw's confusion with obtaining spaceship fuel in Starbound
Geralt looking over Vizima's dilapidated cemetery
A screenshot of The Witcher showing the lighting and the "over-the-shoulder" camera

2007 action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red for Microsoft Windows and CD Projekt on OS X.

- The Witcher (video game)

In his 2008 review of The Witcher, Croshaw sarcastically referred to the PC gaming community as "the glorious PC gaming master race", intending to criticize the perceived elitist attitudes in that community.

- Zero Punctuation
North American box art
An illustration of a protagonist whom a player controls and a tracking camera just behind, slightly above, and slightly facing down towards that character.
During combat, the player as Nate (left) can use corners and walls as cover, then use blind or aimed fire from cover against his opponents.
Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando features third-person combat with several types of firearms. The current ammunition is visible in the top left of the HUD.
A platforming segment, showing Nathan attempting to scale the outer walls of the Fortress.

2007 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

- Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Gears of War (2006) and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2007) employed tactical elements such as taking cover, influenced by Kill Switch, using off-center viewpoints inspired by Resident Evil 4.

- Third-person shooter
North American box art
from the trailer for Best Foot Forward (1943)
Constance Carpenter and William Gaxton, principals of the original Broadway production of A Connecticut Yankee, on stage at the Vanderbilt Theatre during a mid-run rehearsal of the hit musical (1928). Producer Lew Fields is seen at right, in shirtsleeves.

Tillie Whim (ZaSu Pitts), a timid stage assistant to The Great La Salle (William Gaxton) in a small mentalist act playing a Vaudeville theater, is harassed, bullied, and undermined by the act's co-star, primadonna Lottie (Tamara Geva).

- Their Big Moment

Gaxton starred in the film version of Fifty Million Frenchmen (1931), as well as The Silent Partner (1931), Their Big Moment (1934), Best Foot Forward (1943), The Heat's On (1943), and Diamond Horseshoe (1945).

- William Gaxton
from the trailer for Best Foot Forward (1943)
Theodore L. Cuyler c. 1902
Pin and colors for the Young People's Christian Union of the Universalist Church of America
Market Street Reformed Church
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church
Cuyler Gore Park, near Lafayette Avenue

Leading Presbyterian minister and religious writer in the United States.

- Theodore L. Cuyler

In 1860, Rev. Dr. Theodore L. Cuyler, minister of the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York, became aware of the success of the Y.M.C.A. to gather young men for prayer meetings, but that the Y.M.C.A. had not succeeded in organizing them for more sustained Christian work in the church.

- Young People's Christian Union
Theodore L. Cuyler c. 1902
Theodor Gomperz.
Wilhelm von Christ

Born at Brno (Brünn).

- Theodor Gomperz

Later, this thesis was repeated under varying perspectives by scholars and researchers such as Theodor Gomperz, Spyridon Marinatos, Jürgen Spanuth, John V. Luce, or Herwig Görgemanns.

- Wilhelm von Christ
Theodor Gomperz.
Woburn Collegiate Institute entrance.
Woburn Collegiate Institute entrance.
The official plaque for Woburn Collegiate, dated 1961.
The school's "1962" datestone, erected during the construction of the school.

Final year of secondary school in some jurisdictions.

- Thirteenth grade

From its founding until 2003, it had Grade 13, which was morphed into the Ontario Academic Credit (OAC) in 1984.

- Woburn Collegiate Institute
Woburn Collegiate Institute entrance.

Intertidal copepod species that occurs on the Pacific coast of North America.

- Tigriopus californicus

Tigriopus californicus (Baker, 1912)

- Tigriopus
Hitoro, Chief of the Ua Pu Island (1863)
Beach of Anahoa Bay
Ua Pou's South Coast
Horse at Ua Pou
A French Navy ship on the Island
Reconstruction of a traditional marquesan house on Ua Pou Island, Marquesas Islands
The World Discoverer Vessel at Ua Pou

Oave is a volcanic mountain, located on Ua Pou island at 1230 m above sea level.

- Mont Oave

The highest of these pillars, Mount Oave (Mont Oave), reaches to 1,230 m above sea level and is the highest elevation in the Marquesas.

- Ua Pou
Hitoro, Chief of the Ua Pu Island (1863)