High school in the St. Johns County School District, located in Ponte Vedra, Florida that was established in 1981.

Statistics of the Scottish Football League in season 1951–52.

Latin set of annals written in Lund around 1250–1307.

Raštikis inspects Lithuanian troops
Raštikis (second from left) stands behind President Smetona during a military ceremony in Tauragė in August 1937
Raštikis with the Lithuanian Armed Forces flag during a ceremony in 1939
Raštikis during his visit in Poland in May 1939
Lithuanian delegation to Moscow (Raštikis is second from left) during the negotiations for the Soviet–Lithuanian Mutual Assistance Treaty
Raštikis family grave at the Petrašiūnai Cemetery

Lithuanian military officer, ultimately obtaining the rank of divisional general.

Fintech meetup at Hilton Colombo in Sri Lanka

FinTech Awards are several award ceremonies, most of them unrelated, which are held all over the world to recognize excellence in financial technology as assessed by either a public vote or panels of judges.

1962 French film directed by Jacques Rozier.

The Uragh Stone Circle, a Neolithic stone circle in Tuosist, close to Gleninchaquin Park, County Kerry

Irish political movement based in Dublin which was linked to the Irish Conservative Party, the main political party in Ireland until 1859.

View east along Staverton Road from the junction with Woodstock Road
Entrance to the University College Annexe known as Stavertonia, south of Staverton Road
Redcliffe-Maud House on the Stavertonia site
The astronomer John Louis Emil Dreyer, who lived and died at 14 Staverton Road
The bishop and theologian Timothy Ware, who lived in Staverton Road

Residential road in North Oxford, England.

The British Academy's premises at 10–11 Carlton House Terrace

British historian specialising in the history of Anglo-Saxon England.

Germany-resident Serbian bobsledder who has competed since 2001.