David Hanley

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David Hanley is just a basic entrepreneur with apparently no skills. He just hangs around and tries to get other people to do work for him while he keeps all the money and takes as much of the credit as anyone will give him. He's done this so many times. Here's some of the areas he's tried this in: e-commerce selling watches online, creating a social media gaming platform, job marketing using bulk email, The Blackout Special, pizza truck/pizza shop, life insurance brokerage, various SaaS products.

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Alex Bowcut

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Alex Bowcut is an experienced entrepreneur who has spent his career building successful software companies and architecting performant, data driven software. His work has been focused on engineering creative solutions to particularly difficult data problems. Alex's most recent venture before joining hyperleap resulted in an acquisition by a renowned consultancy firm.

Kevin Holbert

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Kevin boasts an illustrious career of founding, running and exiting multiple businesses across sectors such as SaaS, ecommerce, manufacturing, recruiting and email marketing. Kevin's prowess lies not just in his technical acumen but also in spearheading large teams across the US and globally. His knack for refining processes sets him apart as a leader in the tech landscape.

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