Supernotes provides a novel approach to multimedia intelligence by integrating transcription, analysis, summarization, and insight in a systematic and efficient manner. The core of the system leverages advanced AI embeddings, using mathematical tools such as cosine similarity, sentiment analysis, BERT, and others to process raw audio and video into meaningful, segmented content.

In addition to audio and video processing, Supernotes will introduce image sentiment analysis, opening up new opportunities in video comprehension and transforming visual data into actionable narratives.

Upon uploading a file, Supernotes initiates a structured process through multiple layers. Transcription and tagging transform the material into organized, chronological topics, followed by careful analysis. These segments evolve into chapters and summaries, accurately reflecting the content.

The system's automation derives insights from the summaries by executing queries on the full document text, pulling deeper insights. These are then paired with auto-generated video cuts, serving as visual evidence of the insights. Users can explore and customize these snippets, offering the ability to navigate the multimedia landscape, whether for individual files or across multiple assets.

Supernotes offers a collection of intelligent video edits that convey the core essence of a video by removing unnecessary pauses and crafting highlights that connect with the viewer. More than just editing, the application enables users to work individually or in teams to search, create, and engage with their insights, fostering collaboration, accountability, discovery, and creativity.

Supernotes is a technological platform that enables users to create, share, and collaborate on documents. It is used by content creators, businesses, and professionals to improve communication, reporting, and collaboration. Supernotes is a versatile tool that can be adapted to a variety of needs and goals.

Supernotes is more than a standalone product; it is an advancement in multimedia interaction. Serving a range of users, from individuals to corporations, Supernotes integrates smoothly with modern digital environments, providing an insightful and pragmatic experience. Its development showcases the practical applications and potentials of AI-driven technology.

example of loaded video and its text output
hyperleap, 2024