Eight exclaves of highly anomalous Cowley, all in Hillingdon, then in Middlesex.

Civil parish in the south of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England.

Viking 1 orbiter view of Olympus Mons with its summit caldera, escarpment, and aureole
Colorized topographic map of Olympus Mons and its surrounding aureole, from the MOLA instrument of Mars Global Surveyor.
Olympus Rupes, the northern part of Olympus Mons.
Mars Global Surveyor image showing lava flows of different ages at the base of Olympus Mons. The flat plain is the younger flow. The older flow has lava channels with levees along the edges. Levees are quite common to lava flows on Mars.
Lava flows on Olympus Mons with older and younger flows labeled, as viewed by HiRISE during the HiWish program.
Calderas on the summit of Olympus Mons. The youngest calderas form circular collapse craters. Older calderas appear as semicircular segments because they are transected by the younger calderas.
Oblique view of Olympus Mons, from a Viking image mosaic overlain on MOLA altimetry data, showing the volcano's asymmetry. The view is from the NNE; vertical exaggeration is 10×. The wider, gently sloping northern flank is to the right. The more narrow and steeply sloping southern flank (left) has low, rounded terraces, features interpreted as thrust faults. The volcano's basal escarpment is prominent.
Detailed THEMIS daytime infrared image mosaic of Olympus Mons.

Large shield volcano on Mars.

South African-born poet and novelist.

Cloned plants in vitro
Top view of a Vitrocell mammalian exposure module "smoking robot", (lid removed) view of four separated wells for cell culture inserts to be exposed to tobacco smoke or an aerosol for an in vitro study of the effects

In vitro (meaning in glass, or in the glass) studies are performed with microorganisms, cells, or biological molecules outside their normal biological context.

Results for Bishop Auckland since 1997 as to any party/person who won more than 5% of the vote.

Constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2019 by Dehenna Davison, a Conservative.

Map of the London Borough of Ealing, showing the location of Southall, one of Ealing's seven major towns.

British economist, economic historian and historian of economic thought.

Colin Moynihan (pictured in 2018) coxed Oxford in the 1977 Boat Race.
The Championship Course along which the Boat Race is conducted

The 123rd Boat Race took place on 19 March 1977.

The Countie Pallatine of Lancaster Described and Divided into Hundreds, 1610, a map of Lancashire engraved in around 1627 by John Speed. The map features a street plan of the county town, Lancaster, and side panels containing portraits of kings from the House of Lancaster and the House of York.
The historic county palatine boundaries in red and the ceremonial county in green
Topography of Lancashire
Council logo
Lancashire, County Palatine shown within England
County Hall, Preston
Cattle grazing on the salt marshes of the Ribble Estuary near Banks
The M6 near Carnforth
The Red Rose of Lancaster
The Beatles began in Liverpool before the city's county was changed from Lancashire to Merseyside
Lancashire hotpot
Lancashire cheese
Ashton Memorial, Lancaster
Bank Hall, Bretherton, a Jacobean mansion house, awaiting restoration. Home to Lancashire's oldest Yew tree and one of the two fallen sequoia in the UK.
Blackpool Tower, completed in 1894
Clitheroe Castle
Rivington Pike, near Horwich, atop the West Pennine Moors, is one of the most popular walking destinations in the county; on a clear day the whole of the county can be viewed from here.
Queen Street Mill, the world's only surviving steam-driven cotton weaving shed, located in Burnley

County in North West England.